Fastly Edge Cloud Network

The platform behind it all

Whether you’re just moving to the cloud, or building the next groundbreaking app, it’s the platform behind the products that lets you create unforgettable experiences at global scale.

Fastly’s edge cloud was designed from the ground up to be highly performant and secure while seamlessly scaling to support your growth. Our single network is fully programmable, with real-time visibility, so you can make changes quickly.

Performance you can count on.     

Strategically positioned all over the world, Fastly POPs (points-of-presence) are built using powerful modern hardware. Our patented software-defined networking stack allows us to route users to the most optimal Fastly POP while ensuring high availability, reliability and scalability.

  • Predictable performance

    With built-in routing and load balancing we've created a highly efficient network.

  • Minimal latency

    We peer with cloud service providers and private data centers to provide dedicated bandwidth and minimize latency.   

  • Global scale

    Our highly performant and secure network helps ensure that your growth won’t outstrip the reliability you’ve come to expect. 

Photo of man using a computer sitting on a hill overlooking a city at sunset.

Performance we can prove.

Our powerful edge network takes full advantage of modern internet architecture to deliver on our promise of speed, scale, and reliability.

167 Tbps

Edge network capacity1

150 ms

Mean purge time2


Cache hit ratio3

>800 billion

Daily requests served4

Real-time visibility

Real-time logs, streamed from our edge, give near-instant visibility into traffic trends, potential problems, and threats, so you can troubleshoot on the fly.

Instantly available

Change is at your fingertips — without having to submit a ticket to professional services.

Endpoint integrations

Support for dozens of logging partners makes it easy to stream logs to your preferred endpoint.


Cut through the noise by customizing the data points you receive to fit your business processes.

Fully programmable. Seriously.

Our edge cloud network is fully configurable with flexible APIs, allowing you to automate and enhance workflows, add custom logic to the network edge, and personalize user experiences.

Example: CORS OPTIONS preflights at the edge

Browsers send OPTIONS requests before performing cross-origin POSTs. You can answer these requests directly from the edge.

if req.get_method() == Method::OPTIONS
      && req.contains_header(header::ORIGIN)
      && (req.contains_header(header::ACCESS_CONTROL_REQUEST_HEADERS)
          || req.contains_header(header::ACCESS_CONTROL_REQUEST_METHOD))
          .with_header(header::ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_METHODS, "86400"))
  } else {
          Response::from_body("The page you requested could not be found")
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Get full control

Quickly push out or roll back configuration changes — you are in control.

Match your workflow

We integrate directly into your technology stack supporting agile development processes.

Go from idea to the edge

Build and execute powerful applications at the edge in a serverless compute environment, designed for performance, security and scale.

One modern network

Our single network remains optimized for powerful performance and ensures all traffic benefits from the same security, visibility and control. The servers in our platform provide all of the features of our product suite across the entire network.

A single network for all traffic  

We've built a single powerful network to support all your security and delivery needs. Compliance traffic is not routed on a separate sub-optimal network. 

Securely compliant

We help meet customers’ Payment Card Industry ("PCI"), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA"), and Service Organization Control ("SOC") needs without impacting performance. 

Protection that scales

Our single network is designed to provide the massive scale needed to defend against today’s growing DDoS threats without sacrificing performance.

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Modern network design

With Fastly powering things in the background, you can get back to focusing on what matters most for your business.

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Configurable CDN

Our edge cloud network is fully configurable with flexible APIs for unparalleled caching configurability.

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Serverless compute environment

Run code in a safe microsecond execution environment, at scale, on the edge.

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