Fully Configurable CDN

Cache on your terms 

Our edge cloud network is fully configurable with flexible APIs, allowing for unparalleled caching configurability.

Fastly’s fully configurable CDN enables you to change content quickly, even event-driven content. Easily adjust your configuration settings via an API and roll back changes as needed without having to reach out to Professional Services.

Rapid content changes

We give you fine-grained control over how your content is cached. Create your own custom caching rules, upload them to our POPs and activate/deactivate them on the fly. 

API-friendly control

Our full-featured API makes it easy to change your configuration settings. Instantly purge stale content, reset Time-to-Live for content, clear cache or turn on new features — all through an API call.

Stress-free rollbacks

Fastly locks versions of services you've already activated to make rollbacks safer and provide version control.

Real-time visibility

Real-time logs, streamed from our edge, give near-instant visibility into traffic trends, performance, potential problems, and threats.

Insights you can use

Logs provide an important resource for troubleshooting connectivity problems, pinpointing configuration areas that could use performance tuning, and identifying the causes of service disruptions.

Logging provider integrations

Instantly stream your log files to a logging provider of your choosing, and dig into any aspect of a request or response to diagnose problems and understand how your customers are engaging with your app.

Support for agile DevOps

The days of agile development efforts getting stuck in release queues are over. With our real-time visibility and control we integrate into your existing workflows so you can deploy new software or feature enhancements weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day.

Use Cases

Build complex caching-centric modules on top of our platform, from paywall authentication at the edge to A/B testing and edge redirects. We also created a number of reusable modules for you, including:

Device detection and geolocation

Leverage Fastly to rapidly adjust content being served from our edge based on your end user’s location and/or device type, resulting in a more personalized, low latency experience.

Device detection docsMore on Geofencing

Edge dictionaries

Empower developers to make real-time decisions from every server in our network. Edge dictionaries act as a distributed database at the edge, allowing you to do things like redirect end-users to a specific country site in real time.

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Edge authentication

Add custom code to your app to generate tokens and authenticate users at the edge, avoiding the extra cost and latency associated with going back to origin to verify a user’s identity.

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Access control lists

Fastly allows you to create access control lists to block bad IP addresses from accessing your sites and using automated tools to scrape information from your website.

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