Modern Network Design

Built from the ground up

At Fastly, we take advantage of modern internet architecture to build a more powerful network that allows us to achieve massive scale. Our unique software-defined network allows you to meet the performance, security and compute requirements of today’s data-rich applications and the developers who build them.

POP architecture

Intentionally architected

Fewer, more powerful POPs, allow you to cache more at the edge for longer, including rapidly changing content (e.g. inventory, pricing or news).

Deeply connected

Fastly POPs are connected directly to core Internet Service Provider ("ISPs"), cloud storage providers and Internet Exchange Points to offer high performance in long-tail content caching.

Powerfully performant

Cutting edge hardware provides superior performance for customers who expect updates to be pushed out to their global end-users nearly instantaneously.

Software centric

Built for control

We created our own proprietary software-defined networking stack with built-in routing and load balancing capabilities for greater network efficiencies. This allows us to maintain more fine-grained control over traffic routing per user request.

Efficient and scalable

Significant network efficiencies have translated into lower total cost of ownership for you, and the flexibility to rapidly scale as we add more services or update existing ones.

Intelligent network

We keep you modern 

Fastly supports HTTP/3 and QUIC on our edge cloud network, enabling you to provide a better digital experience for your users. We also support many other standards including HTTP1, HTTP2, TLS 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, and custom cipher suites.


We are on a constant quest to create a smarter, more resilient network. Our Precision Path feature  applies cutting-edge fault discovery and failover techniques to select the best performing path for customer’s traffic to avoid internet weather disruptions. 


Safety in Depth 

We believe security should be integrated seamlessly into every layer of development: architecture, programming, and operations. That’s why we built security into the fabric of our platform, alongside performance.

Support DevSecOps 

Integrate security into your software development cycles with real-time visibility into threats and vulnerabilities and near-instant policy updates

Securely compliant

Stay PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC compliant without impacting performance.

Embrace serverless

Safely deploy custom code in a temporary sandbox environment to minimize the attack surface.