Full site delivery

Fastly puts you in control

Fastly’s highly configurable content delivery network (CDN) gives you the freedom to control how your content is cached. Delight your users with the content they want at their fingertips.

Fastly’s full site delivery solution can improve delivery of your content and increase user engagement while supporting your needs for increased visibility, security and scale.

If you are a media company, check out our streaming media delivery solutions.


Boost your performance

We keep more content in cache, meaning fewer trips to the origin so your website and apps perform faster, more reliably and securely. And we know that these optimizations and security measures make a significant difference, helping you get closer to number one.

Built-in security  

Our platform sits squarely between our customers' applications and their users' requests, which creates an unrivaled opportunity for visibility and enforcement. We think security is so important that we built access to it in all of our services (Fastly TLS comes with up to 5 free domains). Or  if you are running hundreds of thousands of certificates, Fastly’s Platform TLS can scale with you.

More on Fastly securitySee our TLS options

A better user experience 

Fastly’s Full Site Delivery allows you to achieve better cache hit ratios, translating to quicker response times and downloads for your web and mobile users. Instant Purge and batch purging with surrogate keys let you cache and invalidate highly dynamic content in milliseconds.

Increase user engagement  

Dynamic site acceleration (DSA) features come standard for speedy content delivery that makes a positive impact on conversion and retention rates, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and ad revenue.

Streamline workflows

Built API first, so your developers can make use of all of Deliver@Edge features seamlessly and automatically within your own CI/CD workflows and technology stack.

Key features

Full control of HTTP headers
Time to Live (TTL) controls
Dynamic ad insertion preparation
Dynamic site acceleration
API configurability
Dedicated IPs
Static, dynamic and video content delivery
Supplier Provided Prefix (BYOIP)
Edge logic and advanced content delivery control
Real-time control
Instant purge
Soft purge
Surrogate keys
Real-time log streaming
Grace mode
Content protection
Origin health checks
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Always-on DDoS mitigation
Origin shielding
Content compression

Support plans

Fastly offers several support plans to meet your needs: standard, gold and enterprise.


Free of charge and available as soon as you sign up with Fastly.


Proactive alerts for high-impact events, expedited 24/7 incident response times, and a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee.


Gives you the added benefits of emergency escalation for support cases and 24/7 responses for inquiries (not just incidents).

Concierge TLS

An add on to enterprise support that provides a white-glove solution for all your TLS needs. Dig in deeper now.

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